Merge offers a poetic discourse on humans’ co-existence with inanimate objects in our man-made universe.

Created in collaboration with celebrated visual artists Bridie Lunney and Ash Keating, Lane’s choreography collides and negotiates with Lunney’s and Keating’s uniquely designed objects in play, reflecting on our everyday ritualistic, material encounters.

Merge unearths the more unsettling nature of this relationship, questioning the modern-day understanding of material necessity.

It acknowledges the beauty, absurdity and humour inherently present in this realm, and looks at the visual and aesthetic manifestation that is constructed and de-constructed in space.

Featuring sound design from renowned UK electronic musician Clark (Warp), Merge is a collision of bodies, sound and material, revealing the madness of humans’ incessant compulsion to accelerate and adapt with their environment beyond what natural limits impose.

Discover the work at Melanie Lane’s website.

Commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc
Premiered in Dance Massive 2015 at Arts House,

Images: Dian McLeod